UZ7HO Soundmodem and Easyterm (New Versions)

Demetre Valaris - M0SUY/SV1UY

Hi all,

This is to let you know that UZ7HO latest Soundmodem v 1.02 with new AEA-2232 compatible QPSK 2400 mode and latest Easyterm v 0.44b with new added YAPPC extension to EasyTerm, where YAPP blocks protected by 8bit checksum, are out.

Also the previous version of Easyterm has got a new ability to save a partially posted mailbox message and this is extremely useful when propagation is bad and a user gets disconnected when he tries to send a message. Read CHANGELOG.txt to see how to activate this new feature which is turned off by default. All you need to do is to close Easyterm and manually edit term.ini and in 1st paragraph [Station Setup]. Make sure that "SaveIncompleteMsg=1" as it is "SaveIncompleteMsg=0" by default.

You can download them both from here:

Andy has not saved them to his WEBSITE yet.

73 de Demetre M0SUY (SV1UY)