Amateur Radio Pactor And Packet Group.

Amateur Radio Pactor And Packet Group.

WELCOME NEW MEMBERS. This group is only for RADIO AMATEURS with a VALID CALLSIGN (STATING your CALLSIGN and REAL NAME at REGISTRATION is a MUST), who are interested in PACTOR, ROBUST PACKET Radio,  PACKET Radio,  AMTOR or associated applications and are QRV at least in one of these modes, Antennas, hardware, software & operating  topics are encouraged. You can post SKED times for QSOS preferably using CENTER FREQUENCY (CF). Messages are to be kept to topic and in the spirit of Amateur Radio. 
TROLLING and OUT of TOPIC discussions that incite personal attacks on other group members will not be tolerated. This includes political/religious discussions. Offenders will be banned from the group without warning.
To prevent SPAM, this is a MODERATED GROUP until you make your 1st post!
When you join us you are invited to send an introductory message about yourself, name, callsign, modem you have, etc. 
Remember when you post to ALWAYS SIGN EVERY POST AT LEAST WITH YOUR CALLSIGN so that we all know who says what!
Use  this GROUP to post your PACTOR, RPR or PACKET SKEDS/CQ CALLS  using your Center Frequency (CF) which is the CENTER between MARK and SPACE in P1, P2, AMTOR or PACKET), and/or post a message to the group. 

Don't forget that only SCS PACTOR Modems use 1500 HZ as the CENTRE of their Mark/Space TONES and all other old PACTOR Modems do not do so. Using USB DIAL frequency would be good only if we were all using SCS PACTOR Modems and this is not the case. We do not want to keep members who use KAM, PK232, PK-900 and other PACTOR modems out of the game! As for PACKET TNC's they all use whatever Mark/Space pair they like, so it is imperative to use CF notation in order to be able to find each other!
MAIN GROUP CALLING FREQUENCY is 14109 KHZ and SECONDARY 7047.90 KHz Centre Frequency (CF).
OTHER FREQUENCIES are 10146.50 KHZ and 3609.50 KHZ Centre Frequency (CF).
73 from your Moderators.

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