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This activity is part of the OpenChain Project. Here is a brief description of the hierarchy:
The OpenChain Project (www.openchainproject.org) maintains the standard for open source compliance in the supply chain. It also provides reference material and collaborative activities in this field.
The OpenChain Project has various Work Groups where volunteers work on specific compliance challenges. Some Work Groups like Automotive and Tooling are global, some like the Japan Work Group are local.
The OpenChain Project Tooling Work Group is using the Sharing Creates Value GitHub Repository and OSS Compliance Tooling mailing list to coordinate activity around open source compliance tooling.
The OSS Compliance Tooling Effort is an preexisting initiative about promoting OSS tools in the area of open source license compliance. It is carried out as open source project. More information can be found here: https://github.com/Open-Source-Compliance/Sharing-creates-value

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