Weatherstrip for deck hatches


I just looked up what I have left of deck gaskets and sealing tape adhesive waterstop.  What I have used with a satisfactory result is by --  Frost King -- EPDM self stick Weatherseal.  I use number V 25 B, and have on boats for over 10 years.  This has a "D" shape with a hollow center, it collapses evenly to form a tight seal used on one side, or both sides for a wide area split in the center.  The color blends with many woods, in a light tan color.

This is 3/8 inch wide, by 1/4 inch high open in the center with a firm outer surface.  Sticks back is 1/4 inch wide, and takes a bit of time to set up.  It can be pulled up for replacing, after an alcohol or goof off remover application. I use it for most all weatherstrip needs, as the slick surface doesn't let mildew any stuff grow very easy on it.  Just about ready to get a couple rolls for the new aft deck on Surprise, with a 4 ft. wide folding piano hinge joint there, and some edging to control rubbing. The foredeck hatches will get a single collapsing of the same gasket where the slide for and aft.  There is a LOT of gasketing on the boat, and folding hinged seams.

Easy to replace if needed, even after a few years in place, another thing I like about it.  I sometimes leave a short "tag end" past a joints hinge, especially large panels to let water drip past the hard edge and escape over the side.  I guess a bit of caulk into the ends and trim when set up would keep those open centers more tidy looking, and insect free.  Hope this helps, got me at a good time while I do mine too, will look at width options closer this time, but don't want too much stuff forcing the joint structurally, looking for light to moderate pressure, and good run off at the sealed ends.

There you go, it's what works for me,  Later, -----   Cal


Ken Preston

Thanks Cal, that's the sort of practical information I was hoping for.  My hinge should be here today and actually, launching should be any day now, once my sore shoulder eases up a bit. I may end up just launching with a one piece hatch in place and make the cut and install the hinge after, rather than stalling off the launch any longer.  I'm eager to see her in the water!


Hi Ken ---   Here's Another hatch trick (har!) I tried, and that works well.  The highly curved for effect fore deck was cut in half, doing it again I would cut it 2/3 front and 1/3 rear section, as easier to get access with a lighter aft panel.  The way it joins is the fore deck overhangs the rear section by an inch or so.  The rear section slides under that overhang, and effectively blocks water unless it can run under the overhang, which hasn't happened that I noticed.  However I plan to add a gasket while I redo the ones I'm working on.  In the pix the two joins show somewhat, one to give a solid anchor gear area, then the two joined covers in the deck, they are wider aft for easier access.  Not a great shot though, trickier to build without having the higher hatch sides, in fact I will be removing hardware and planing down the hatch areas to lower those ridges to close and and tidy up the hatch area a bit more.

Good result is easy lift off of the entry, and it sorta locks into place when the smaller section is slipped back in.  Could have pins that lock the aft section, but I chose the old style spring loaded catches for effect.

Have at it,----  Cal