Wake for Bob (was: Good Afternoon)


I agree that a wake is what Bob would want. But wouldn't it be a good idea to wait until the Pandemic eases up? We're in the worst of it now, and it'll be a while until enough people get vaccinated, and the vaccines kick in. I'm sure Bob wouldn't want us risking our health to celebrate his life.

On 1/19/2021 12:21 PM, craig mitsch via wrote:
Thanks for all your support through my fathers passing on.He will be missed.Im planning a wake/celebration of life.on Saturday February 6th at 2pm at my house in Tidewater Oregon .Yes it is hard loosing somebody like my Dad but a wake would be right up his ally I feel.thanks if anyone plans on attending please feel free in messaging me and I can get you my address .Thanks Craig
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We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing. (George Bernard Shaw)
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