V-Bottom NY Sloop Project For Sale near Molalla


I sent this out to several boat groups. I sure hope we can get it out of Kay's yard and into the hands of someone who'll finish the boat!

22' high-chine "northern skipjack" hull, built from plans in Harry Sucher's "Simplified Boatbuilding" book, with plywood planking. This is a V-bottom variation on the working New York sloops that spawned the extreme "sandbagger" racing boats. The hull is well built mostly finished. It's been sitting, well covered, on a good trailer for about 15 years. The Coot who took the project on had health troubles, and is now gone to Fiddlers' Green. His widow would like to find a good home for the boat, and I don't think it'd take much money to be able to bring this baby home with you. It'd make a real nice boat, either finished as a sailboat, or as an inboard motorboat -- hulls like these made excellent low-power motorboats when gasoline supplanted sail. Located near Molalla, Oregon. Email me for contact information.

Alas, I have no photographs but, amazingly, the original builder's Web page still exists!


Here's something about the type (the image with the sailplan from Sucher's book is distorted):


I sure hope we can find someone who'll take on this project. I'd really like to see it in the water someday.

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