TSCA - Web site problems

John Weiss

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We continue to have problems with the web site. The web folx are aware and working on it, but it is a stubborn problem.

We had quite a bit of unusual activity over the past few weeks, prompting the web folx to tighten security on our firewall. Simultaneously, they had to renew our SSL certificate. The combination caused the security app to dislike the new SSL Cert, and the result is the security warning you get.

We don't know exactly when we will find the right fix, but those who have worked around the warning have been able to access the site without apparent problem, including being able to renew their membership.

If you're not comfortable with workarounds, just be patient and check in ever few days. If you want to renew, you can always do it the old-fashioned way by mailing a check.

John Weiss
TSCA Membership Coordinator