TSCA - John Gardner Small Craft Workshop 2020 CANCELLED

John Weiss

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Subject: John Gardner Small Craft Workshop 2020
Date: Wed, 3 Jun 2020 18:50:24 -0400
From: Bill Rutherford <smallcrafter@...>

Hello All: I wanted to let you know the summation of responses from our Board regarding our decision not to hold the John Gardner Small Craft Workshop this year. It was a difficult decision but we think it is best to be cautious with this late spring event.  The consensus was to respect the many decisions individuals make on whether or not to travel, mingle and get active in boating group activities.

I think one of our Board Members put it best, "As things stand, I expect holding the event at the end of June would be disappointing...too soon for me, and possibly for most other small craft fans.” Another member’s positive response that he is "interested in helping out in any way I can” is much appreciated but combined with the tight timing of Phase III here in CT (June 20 is only 5 days before our planned event), limits on out-of-state travel (14 day self-quarantines recommended) and the declining, but still high hospitalization rate (434 people yesterday compared to the Governor’s goal of less than 100 before opening Phase III), it is most wise to not hold the Workshop this year.

People have been very considerate, staying home and halting the spread. That strong community attitude still prevails. It would be overly optimistic to assume small craft fans would suddenly convene three weeks from now, particularly members of higher at-risk groups like our slightly gray-haired small-crafters.

We thank you for your special participation in our past Workshops and look forward to next year. As we have always said, anniversaries come around once a year. Thanks to the research team at the Seaport’s Collections Research Center we have fine examples of original documents from 1970 that we can share. With travel and accommodation restrictions relieved, travel for our far-flung fans will be easier. We look forward to start planning ideas and activities for our next Workshop.

We much appreciate all you do to support Traditional Small Craft. Hope you get out on the water this summer. Should adventures ensue, please pass them along and we will share them on our Chapter’s "News Notes."

Best Regards,
Bill Rutherford