Toledo Messabout, Third Weekend in August


Well, the Salish 100 is behind us. <whew> Next on the agenda is the Coot and Steamboat Society Messabout and Teak Ladies Sail at Toledo. Clear your calendars for August 20-22. NOT a boat show. Just for Us. Should be fun. :o)

There will be a planning meeting next Wednesday. I'll have more details after that. I can tell you that there will be free camping for participants in the usual field.

There will also be a memorial for Coots we've lost. Please let me know before the meeting if I've missed anybody:

Bob Mitsch 1940-2021
Lon Wells ?-2020
Pogo Robison ?-2020
Pat Patteson ?-2019
Dave Haverstock 1944-2019
Darrell Pepper 1934-2016
Jim Ballou ?-2014
Carolyn Bullard 1941-2012
Kate Wells ?-2008

Pogo identified as a Coot. I don't think Lars did... We didn't see much of Dave Haverstock -- he was too busy until it was too late -- but his wife told me he really valued his connection to the Coots.

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