Thanks John, great pix of the mudhole ----- Surprise Status


I just added that pix to my "maps" file on my phone.  Now when I'm there I will know about where I am.  I do have some books on Oregon lakes, but that one is good color, the right size to transfer and read on my phone.  Are there other maps that show the lakes so clearly, especially at the low water we have now ??  

The new dash is built, I have wires pretty well figured out, but I will do that after the new instruments come in, the water (like tide and tide ) wait for no coot.  I plan to be back with several good coats by wednesday, since I went for fast dry urethane this time.  I don't like it as well as the heavier helmsman, but it does go on wetter, and dries like water base as usual.  I spread each set of wires out in a fan, with the instrument still attached.  All I need to do, with holes prepared is to pop each one back in as its assembled,  This is my third dash build on one boat, so the old dash is a good start to fitting.  Easier to see layout, slightly bigger area design wise, so room for more without as much panic.

Maybe about Wed., or Thurs. I'll be ready to go  see ya, ----   Cal