Stopping or Reducing trailer corrosion ??

Richard Green

PS, I prefer dipped galvanized trailers to painted always.  I have a utility trailer built by King trailers up north which is galvanized and looks like new after nearly 20 years in my driveway and usage.  Rated to 2400 lbs.  5X9 bed.  Perfect for my uses over the decades.  

That said, my boat trailer under the Livingston (still filling holes in the boat but almost done.  I’m sloooow these days)is painted and looks solid as can be under my 13’ boat.  I would have no hesitation dipping it in salt water and hosing it off when I get home.


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Also Cal,
A bit more reading online suggests that this idea probably won't work much, unless you're submerged in an electrolyte most of the time, or your anodes are very close together. Zinc Paint is probably your best bet.

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I've been pretty cavalier about lead in the past, but the more I learn about its durability and toxicity, the less of it I want around.
Using it as a sacrificial anode seems unwise, even if it worked. Which it won't since its the other side of Iron on the electro reactivity series.

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Just as an update, I am now working with a party to fix or at least reduce that "Trailer rot" problem.  When we get the answers, I will no doubt offer free samples in exchange for testing and  brief written evaluation..  Salt water results are of course faster, before and after pix collected over time.  Design is being looked at, as are other obstructions to doing a new product correctly.  Not at all cheap, testing takes time, legalities etc. but it should be a good project, you will be informed as it happens.  

Not my first rodeo with this stuff, ----  Cal