Shatyish Boats (was: David Graybeal Awareness Day, Nov. 20)

Richard Green

Well, I haven’t seen the Michalak plans yet so can’t report on mods I might want. My primary notion of buying the plans is to see what scantlings he suggests and what treatment he suggests for the bow lines.  I lean more toward the sloped bow transom of the profile of the Great Pelican rather than the blunt forward transom he suggests.

My original idea was/is to have 16’ of length with 7' of beam rather than six feet.  Then the hull sides will be 4’ tall, so to speak, the roof line for the cabin added after hull turn to be approximately five feet with a large crown of 12” in 7’ of beam, somewhat analogous to a Vardo.  Full standing headroom in the centerline rather than the too low headroom and split overhead of the Shanteuse.  Pleasant sitting headroom on the 30” wide berths.  I envision an easily constructed framing on each side of the boat with the 1” thick bottom laminated over said framing in place.  

Be advised this boat would be built for comfort, a medium of speed, and original thinking vis á vis “beauty”, being in the eye of the beholder…..

As for the interior, the 3’ or 4' long cockpit and foredeck will be set a bit high. The berths will be two aft quarter berths extending largely to the transom, 3’ to 4’ deep.  Lots of foot room for my size 14’s.  There will be head space, galley and dining space forward in the at least 8 long cabin, likely to be 9’ or 10’ long depending.  

I base this concept on the completion of two boats I built/finished and launched, 22’ Passage in 1980 and 16’ Jaunty in 2010 and the dozen plus boats I’ve owned and sailed in my 45 years of sailing.  Both of these boats were seaworthy and comfortable at the dock and underway.  I should have kept Jaunty, it was an error based upon serious health issues I had when I sold him, some of which I continue to deal with the aftermath.  I lost thousands and worse no longer had a boat to show at Toledo or Depoe Bay nor Port Townsend where I showed Jaunty three years.

See below:

Jaunty at Lave Havasu, winter of 2015.

At one time I owned both the boats shown below.  I bought the Hartley 16 from a friend who built it.  My family of five sailed it on the Columbia in the Portland area.  I sailed Passage, the Benford design, for ten years wind and tide and ten foot oars.

Below is Jaunty’s interior and galley with large anchor locker and storage forward of the galley.  Loooong story surrounding the interior, hell, the entire construction of Jaunty.

Below is part of the interior I built into Passage.  I modified Jay’s interior substantially when I figured out he was shorter and such things as the vee berth were useless to me.

On Nov 15, 2019, at 1:25 AM, John Kohnen <jkohnen@...> wrote:

What mods do you have in mind for the hypothetical Shanteuse Graybeal will build for you?

After the Retired Old Geezers finish my Geodesic Airolite boat maybe they'd be willing so take on a project that involves little more than simple carpentry...

On 11/13/2019 9:30 PM, Rich G wrote:
Thanks, John.  Oddly enough I have thought of David Graybeal a couple times recently pondering whether I might hire him to build the hull for my next and last boat.  All those exercises I’ve been doing since my latest heart procedure has inspired me to a houseboat/scow design such as Michalak’s Shanteuse with modifications for which I have the plans on order.  Something for me to ponder on David Graybeal Awareness Day for sure!

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