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Your boat is very nice.
Much nicer than mine. I "Finished" mine "Bright",
which was just putting on a coat of Epoxy, without
any UV protection, and after a few years it is
not so "Bright" anymore.
Bare lauan in spots, but the big runs are just fine.
They didn't show much when it was "Bright".
It was getting pretty bad, so I decide to sand it down.
Now the big runs show very well. I gave up after a
couple of days. Now all I want is to get it smooth
enough to put on a couple of coats of nice "Dory Latex".

I do have an Idea for your Painter.
I use my boat for Shad fishing on the Willamette River
at Oregon City. (About 50 feet from where I can put in.)
I hang a 15# rubber coated mushroom anchor from the
"Paiinter/Anchor line" run through the hole in the bow.
Drift boat style.
I enlarged and worked the hole to make it a smooth
sheave for the line to run over, and slathered the
inside of the hole with epoxy. Instant Anchoring.
15# anchor holds in most current, and doesn't bang
much if pulled up tight against bow.
When I don't need the anchor, I just tie a stopper knot
on the line and pull it up tight from the inside.
No muss, no fuss, no Irish penant.

I have taken my boat up to the falls. Again Drift boat
style, "Eddying" my way up. Only a couple of places
I had to work. Pretty easy close to the falls, it's
all eddies. Pretty scary though. Story is a 20 foot
sled got sucked under by a whirlpool. Light Dory gets
pretty small in Big Water.

Very interesting and very intimidating place. Huge
concrete walls on both sides, with huge paper mills above.

Lock on west side. Kind of fun to poke up in there.
I saw the "Spruce Goose" go through there.

East side has PGE's Power House A. Supposed to be the
first hydo power plant on the West Coast. Generator
came around the Horn. Was supposed to be 50 cycle,
but turned out to be 60 cycle, so that's what we have.
It powered the Street Cars in Portland.

Also on East side is "The Wet Hole". It is a hole in
the basalt about 40 feet in diameter and was very
deep befor the Corps filled it in. Was the Indian's
"Fishing" spot. Not much "Fishing" needed. It was
a natural "Fish Trap". When the runs were on, which
was pretty much all the time back then, the hole
would literally fill with fish, and all they had to do
was scoop them out. Not like Celilo.
Still a couple of petroglyphs on the rocks.

Best of all is the "Eel Run". Thousands of 2-4 foot eels
working their way up the falls. Every hole swarming with
them. Spooky. They attach themselves to the rocks with
their sucker heads, then flip themselves up and re-attach,
an slowly work their way over the falls to spawn.
some licensed "Fishermen" who catch them for Lab work
and fishing bait.
One of the most unusual sights I have ever seen.

Hope all this has helped you with your "Painter".

I still have no life.



The Irish boaters are still paddling around in their
little round boats.(that should do it send all mail to Bryn)

Have Fun

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the dory is upside down in the front yard, waiting it's turn to
find a slot
in the garage. Which will happen before the rains hit. I looked
for a knee
on my boat that you can see in the close-up of my flemished painter,
however, I don't have any knees on the gull. Sad to say, but I
think that
close-up goes to someone elses boat. Thanks for the points,
though, after
all I did flemish the painter, shown in the full size photo, and it
IS for
the presentation only. Usually my painter is dragging through the
getting caught on stumps and roots, and the end gets closer and
closer to an
Irish penant. My dad loves to say that. Hope it doesn't offend
any Irish

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Nice "Cover Story" by Larry Barker. Well done.
Photos by John Ewing. Very nice.
(sorry if I missed any more credits)

Larry hadn't blown his own horn here.
Don't know if everyone has seen it and I missed it,
or the other way around.

"Bryn Thoms gets extra marks for neatness in his Gloucester Gull
(It looks like that coil of line is epoxied in place. Does
that Dory always look like that?)

Thank you Guys.


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