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Pete Leenhouts

Coots - I had hoped to take advantage of a long-awaited trip to OR to meet Coots, transfer lead to Earl, and pick up that trailer, but have run into unexpected difficulties and must let the trailer go to the next Coot in line. 

Pete Leenhouts
Port Ludlow - a distant Coot

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Team Monkey Fist is a planked Lightning. but with the boxy cabin Bob
Hodge put on it, nowhere near as pretty as Sargasso Savior's boat. <g>

Another interesting entry is Team Dunlin, the boat designed and built by
Kees Prins. Looks like he sold the boat to a Californian.

On 5/24/2021 9:45 PM, John Kohnen wrote:
> Thanks, Case. Good Luck to Bill and his team!
> Another interesting entry is Team Sockeye Voyages, in a Bolger Lite
> Scooner.
> On 5/24/2021 8:39 PM, Dirt wrote:
>> Bill Child’s sent me this text he’ll
>> Be participating in the wa350 this year. If anyone is interested in
>> following the race there are two links in the message below.
>> Here are a few links to the WA 360 race starting June 7. We finally
>> have an identity listed on the team page. Team name is "Sargasso
>> Saviors". Teams are listed alphabetically so scroll down far to the
>> S's. We're the only planked woodenboat in the race and proud of it 😎
>> ...

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