New Motor Mount, and cover Fixings !!


Now that we're back from the Maya lands in the Yucatan,  I had a couple ideas.  The motor for Surprise is done, but wait a minute !!  Can't just install it the easy way, and it is a drag when using the pods, sooo !!

Looking at welding up a motor mount that slide up by over 5 inches.  That should raise the skeg and prop up a decent amount, and allow better electric push at one time.  I found a hand jack that can be fixed to sliding plates to do the lifting duties,  If my measurements work on paper, maybe a light plywood mock up, I  found a good jack design on amazon.  I can rivet and weld the hi/lo mount together in a few hours, ready to bolt on the 6 hp. if all goes well.  First the mount so I can see how it functions.  Catch me at the show to see this in action, assuming all goes well for this.

On the weather cover ribs, I have some mount holes for fishing rods, hand stanchions, etc. that might work.  My thought is that flat bar holders would stay in better, bolt to a center brace easier maybe??  I have had some old zemak cross the hull sockets since the mid to late 60's, that's old enough for me, and a good price.  No complaints on them except making better bows, which I have done many boats and decades ago.  The best so far is a stub foremast with an "O" oarlock in the top hole, slide a couple plug in galv 10 ft. metal pipes.  The rear is just a couple pintles to another pole in place of a rudder.  If it sags, make a center pole to brace it level, another "O" oarlock is easier on the canvas cover.   The ONLY reason I might use the flat bar and sockets is that Surprise has an 8 ft. long closed foredeck and a covered wood stern cover.  Still looking at a center width wise crossbar tube,  Then Lengthwise to hook over the bow, and stern area.  I need a new cover now, but not sure the 5 year old Boat cover isn't just as good, hangs to below the trailer frame in storage.  Pipe, canvas, and effort about equal cost to a new boat cover ready to pop on, in my case at least.. 

Off we go, -- Get Er' Done --  Cal


Some days you get lucky.  I removed some cleat holders, and stuff.  The area is flatt, easy,  and big enough to work in.  I found a great piece of 1/2" marine ply, with f'glass on one side, carbon cloth on the other and it cut to shape with some overlaps, and it was easy, wow.  Think I'll test the 6 hp motor on the solid mount as planned, before I get more stuff, local coots will get to add some input ihat way.  Simple In the water testing might beat multi ideas that complicate matters.  Time to remove the extra batteries, I have enough extra battery stuff to make a small power outage 110v. ac setup for lights, winter's coming !!!

I really want to see how Surprise moves with the gas motor, and what happens when I switch on the pods.  Maybe nothing much, prop wash might be a problem, if so I will revisit the outboard  hoisting mount.

A good day to fix stuff, eh ??  ----  Cal