New depth camera is in, and misc. stuff


Came in today, while the post office is closed for memorial day.  Tomorrow is the unpacking, Woo Hoo !!   Now that one problem is solved with battery stuff, I can drill another hole in the boat.  Looking towards a load of fun this time around, paid my dues with previous sets.  Hows about some more boat days ??  I need a good canvas shop to build a cabin enclosure, a next project to start !!

Another good deal is a remote wireless on-off control for the lights in my wood shed and genset enclosure covered area. Getting wood at night is a real trip that I don't need.  Finished an enclosure for the new Firman gen. from Winco.  That's the real deal in a tri fuel setup, works slick on first start times, and break in work.  I got the sound level lower than others on U tube, by about 20 + db.  Can't hear it in the house, garage is closer but still not objectionable so I can play music or audiobooks, with the door open.  Down to "library " sound levels on the meter, it was worth the doing for sure.  Got this for protection for the freezer, water well pump, and fridge etc.  Every time stuff shuts down the freezer power, La Verne loses good home cookin', then has to clean up the mess to boot.  Not fair i'd say, so now we have a safety power source, which is not portable at over 200 lb.   

Later,   Cal