New Boat outside my window, WOW !!


OK, I'm sitting in Kona, Hawaii, tonight after dinner, then !!!  In sails a VERY unusual salil boat, two masted, with an odd mast and rigging setup.  The hull looks to be about or over 100 feet long, too far offshore to get details until tomorrow am.  I would guess it is powered by an inflatable foil shaped sail setup.  Both sails are stacked at the base of the twin vertical "masts", and look to have many airfoil shaped hoops to get a shape.  The masts are to haul the hoops and sail cloth up, and darn far at that.  Can't see any rigging, but maybe tomorrow.   The dark non reflecting stealth looking hull looks odd too.  Maybe tomorrow I can figure if it's a trimaran or what.  There is a "picket boat" constantly on guard about 100 feet out, always, plus night lights.

I'm gonna try to find that on the web, but John will probably be a faster looker --  again.  I have a "fever dream" that i've seen this someplace, some design book, article or whatever.  John has seen my Mechanics Illustrated purchased article on rotating sails on masts for 360 degree sailing in any wind.   I thought that might be one of those, but the airfoil shaped hoops tells me it's not that rig.  Happy hunting !!!

Byeee,  and see ya all soon, ----  Cal


This boat, and a magnificent looking one !!!  It is the ENERGY OBSERVER --  out of San francisco for an island cruise.  Read all about it on line, i'm going there after La Verne looked it up just now.

Still  WOW !!! --  Later,   Cal