More Coots? (was: Coot)


No! Shot a Coot!? <gasp>

The new Commodore of the Triton Yacht Club earned her Coot burgee standing up for a poor coot somebody shot. She ended up doing time, well, community service... I'll tell the tale again sometime.

Triton YC is going through a rough patch, transitioning from a mostly racing club to something more Coot-like. I've invited them to out messabouts, and they'll be putting them in their calendar, if they get one. I've been putting theirs in out online schedule on

On 12/9/2019 7:04 PM, Rich Green wrote:
They’re bottom feeders, so to speak, so wander around in the shallows snacking here and there.  My brother shot one once while duck hunting, we cooked it, tasted like muddy bottom.
John (@Jkohnen)
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