[MessaboutW] What's a Messabout?



I'm not sure exactly what a messabout is either, the one at Dexter Lake the
other day was the first one I'd ever been near. I guess they're just boats
and people, a place to use the boats and a place to stand or sit around
and jaw about boats. I was a bit doubtful about Dexter's suitability for
messing about, since it's not very big and kinda boring, but in the event
it worked out very well. People really didn't want to venture too far from
the beach (and the jawing about boats) anyway, so the lack of interesting
places to go didn't matter, and that picnic table under the trees right by
the beach was perfect for sitting around talking. For the kind of messabout
we had last Saturday it turned out to be just about perfect. But I can
think of other kinds of messabouts that could be just as much fun. <shrug>
How many angels can dance on the head of a pin? <g>

I don't suppose there's any reason why a messabout _has_ to be a one day
affair. By nature a messabout should be informal though, and multi-day
affairs involve more preparation and commitment from participants. Trying
to put together too many multi-day messabouts in a year might overwhelm us.

BTW, I just bought a "land yacht" today! I stopped at a little store to get
a box of sugar for my girlfriend and lo and behold there was a van
conversion for sale across the street. Not long thereafter I'd put my
deposit on a '77 Dodge "Cobra" class B moho. Purrs like a kitten, but of
course needs a little work. Now it'll be easier to lure me to multi-day
gatherings in remote areas, since I won't have to try to rest my
middle-aged bones sleeping on the ground or in the back of my pickup.

Three hours to drive to Eugene from Molalla? What've you got a Model T? <g>
Find a piece of water closer to home and invite us down there to try it
out. ;O)

On Wed, 23 May 2001 16:33:41 -0000, Pat Pateson wrote:
I'm in Molalla, which make Eugene about three hours by car, or
three weeks by "Toad", but am only a couple of miles from the
Molalla River, so it could be done, but mostly uphill to your

I am unclear on exactly what a "Messabout" is.
I have the idea, but are they usually just one day affairs?
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