[MessaboutW] Re: red vs. white oak, Depoe Bay and froing


The Vikings split the planks of their longships from oak logs. They started
the split at the end of the log with a froe, then used wedges to run it
down the length of the log. Then they used adzes to square up the planks.
I'll put an illustration showing the method into the files section.

Oregon White Oak oughta work just fine for steamed ribs. I'll bet most of
the old Northwest fishing boats with steamed ribs used it. I can't imagine
the builders shipping in green Eastern White Oak for ribs (or anything
else) when OWO was so handy. That hardwood mill in Roseburg can probably
get Bryn OWO without any problems.

On Thu, 31 May 2001 17:51:46 -0000, Pat Patteson wrote:
I have not personally tried to split a 6' white oak log, but
I have a friend that makes Wooden Bows (like bow and arrows).
He works with all kind of native green woods and I am pretty
sure he would know how to do it, if anyone does. A lost art.
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