[MessaboutW] Re: Log Pond Tug


"Log bronc" sounds right. Perhaps this is the ultimate expression of the
concept (found in an old Mariner's Catalog):

I've been meaning to take the tour of the Hull-Oakes mill for years. I
better do it soon. Ralph Hull is getting old and feeble, but he might still
be giving the tours himself. He's quite a fellow, from all accounts. My
friend said he was great to work for. Maybe we can have a dry-land
messabout to Dawson for the tour? <g>

On Fri, 31 Aug 2001 15:40:36 -0000, Carter wrote:

I *think* it many be called a log bronc. I have the Hull-Oakes video
and if I get around to it, I can watch it and see if I can confirm

Incidentally, the Hull-Oakes mill is the last mill using steam power.
They give tours and it is worth the drive if you are interested at
all in old technology.

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