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At the risk of using the dreaded "W" name ... doesn't West Marine at Delta
Park have bronze screws? I seem to remember buying them there -- never did
mail order when I lived in PDX. They've sure got a lot of cleats, but
maybe not what you're after. I'm not sure how the Medford area compares to
Central Oregon but I will say that sailboats and (more so) their hardware
are pretty rare around here. I sometimes miss those way-too-costly trips
to the boat store, especially when I'm out of epoxy.

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Yeah, my Ace has "copper rivets", just not the ones I needed, mail
ordered them instead. Winks has the same story. Neither of them
carries bronze wood screws, so I now have to mail order them. Really
sucks paying 5$ shipping for 1$ worth of hardware. Neither Ace nor
Wink's nor Fishermans nor anyone else I have seen has the boat cleats
I want to use on the tender. This is just frustrating. I moved here
from Central Oregon and I swear that even though I only had one
hardware store to choose from, at least they usually had what I
wanted. And if they didn't, well, they were a small store in C.
Oregon, whadya expect. It was at least easier to take. I know I am
looking for oddball stuff, but geez!! Despite not being able to
secure necessary parts, progress is still being made. I am getting