[MessaboutW] Duckworks Magazine - Depoe Bay

Larry Barker <lgbarker@...>

Thanks Pat,
The story just appeared today. I wrote it back in May but Chuck has had
lots going on, including getting a new boat launched. John Ewing does good
photos, doesn't he? (As does "our" John).

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Nice "Cover Story" by Larry Barker. Well done.
Photos by John Ewing. Very nice.
(sorry if I missed any more credits)

Larry hadn't blown his own horn here.
Don't know if everyone has seen it and I missed it,
or the other way around.

"Bryn Thoms gets extra marks for neatness in his Gloucester Gull
(It looks like that coil of line is epoxied in place. Does
that Dory always look like that?)

Thank you Guys.