[MessaboutW] Dorena and Waldo



Glad you find the list salubrious. We need to get some more recruits
though, or the conversations will get stale. We should lure Scott Malvitch
into here, at least, he seems to have a lot of enthusiasm for messing

The Bohemia District is very interesting, I used to spend a lot oftime up
there when I was younger. The roads hadn't got any better last time I was
up there, so a messabout field trip should probably be optional for those
without a sturdy pickup.

Waldo is a great place for a messabout, but the mosquitoes are hungry and
plentiful right now up there! That'd be a good choice for August to

When should we have a messabout on Dorena?

On Thu, 31 May 2001 09:47:13 -0700, Bryn Thoms wrote:
Hey, John, this list serve is exactly what I needed to stray from work.
Good job. This is going to be like morning coffee and morning
constitutionals for me. A necessity
Dorena sounds great. If we made a weekend out of it, we might be able to
make a short field trip to the Bohemia mining district, that's not boats,
but it's good history. What about Waldo? There's usually lots of wind and
always limited powerboats due to the 10 mph restriction. Gottagetbacktowork
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