[MessaboutW] Cape Cod Frosty


The Cape Cod Frosty is a neat idea. I like the idea of a developement class
though. Say, just for argument: any monohull you can make out of 3 or 4
(pick one) sheets of 1/4"lauan, maybe limit it to flat bottom or single
chine, no ballast, a set sail area, sails must be made out of Tyvek, mast
and other spars made out of wood, no longer than the boat and unstayed.
There would be a claiming rule, if any contestant wanted to he could force
another contestant to sell him his boat for a set, low price, maybe $200?

Whatya think?

On Thu, 30 Aug 2001 00:28:42 -0000, Pat wrote:
Reading on Bolger Group and found reference to this boat.
A guy said he built one using lauan and Bondo.
He says Not to use Bondo for construction.

Anybody want to build a "Fleet"?
Probably take a whole weekend.
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