Latest update on underwater spotting of "stuff"


So far one unit looks to be a winner, after water testing.  The other is almost useless, no cookbook to match stuff, "Manual" is one page, one side ion Chinese, the other warnings against hooking up wrong, and discleimers about no warranty.  Gosh. that makes it way clea, two lookers with test equipt. --. no screen goes on.  My own other "fish finder" is also a no-go for tech. reasons -- nwill not do more than designed areas. 

HOWEVER -- YES !!  At Paulina this Friday while hiking, I met a guy who had used a similar device a friend had concocted.  He said in several trips it showed way more fish in real time, full size, and in color.  He loved it, and chased fish all over the lake. found lost bottom stuff, and it was a total success.  That is exactly the  program I'm doing now.  Sure happy to find others who have done that for under $100. finished price, and work to mount.

 Not all equipment works, his was older, and too basic to do what I want, and be able to take photos of fish at the same time. Best bring a grappling hook too !!   More updates when I can get real water time.   That's it for now, will try to get mine done and tested soonest, as it needs to be done right - leaks wise!!  Next week is install for our new roof, so hopefully can do install on this also.  Here's for trying to get ready for all thiis stuff over a couple weeks while it's nice outside. 

Later Coots,   Cal