Just Cruisin' -- E boat motors and More


My 48v. E- Bike // Schwinn conversion is a total success over time.  I had a Golden Motor set for a different project, but sold that to a guy for an inboard motor conversion.  My Minn Kota is a total success as a complete underwater system, twin motors and Kipawa props.  I was going over newer stuff on Golden Motor today, they do have regular clamp on ev outboards up to 10 hp,   Shaft length is adjustable to popular lengths without any "kit".   So, there is another reliable option to Minn Kota at a lower price, plus FREE DELIVERY, from China.  I'm looking to try a couple of the new 10 hp. props to try out, maybe better props than a torquedoo, or the Kipawas I have as a good test project.

I like their stuff a lot, might even start on another e-project, since they have parts kits too, and complete rear drive axles kits for builders.  I know Morgan cars had oak frames, and again Golden Motor has everything to make good reliable vehicle or marine set ups.  The new ev  street motorcycles are awesome looking too. The options are many, parts easy to get, a reliable company and great performance from my experience.   The sun just peeked out, time to foll out my e-bike, pedals easy --- plus up to say 30 mph on the street, umm -- without a license, or insurance added on.  I also bought a super bike or motor lock that's carbide tough, cut proof flexible lock from aussie land for security , locks totally pick proof.  A great way to pedal furthur for exercise, keep the bike secure, but without having to "whuff it up" the hills you don't like, har !!!! 

Later, coots,  Cal