Heavy Duty Sewing Machine Needed


We gotta teach Earl how eo post his own messages here. ;o) John E, out by Airlie, is finishing up a long, lean cruising motorboat. I'll post some photos of it soon.

"John Engbring is looking to borrow or buy a used heavy duty sewing machine to do his boat cushions and other items. Who might he contact in the coots group, or other outlets?"

John <@Jkohnen>
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Vince K.

The Sailrite Ultrafeed machines are pretty good for the money and are portable. 
Go to
I have the LSZ-1 and it works pretty good. 
Sailrite is pretty good about standing behind their products.  
They are very user maintainable machines with lots of instructional videos on adjustments and repairs. 
Parts and accessories are very available at reasonable prices. 

I also have a Seiko made Consew 206 triple feed machine that I've thought of selling. 
In addition to walking foot it has a needle feed. 
That means the needle actually pulls the fabric along with the walking foot. 
That would run about $900 with table etc

I'm in Spokane near Dan Rogers who is a very active Coots member. 
Used to live near Portland. 

If you have questions about industrial machines just ask me. 

Vince Kurpan