Heads Up -- NEW Park Pass Regulations


WOW !!  Just checked links to Federal Park Passes.  Lots of changes, like new fees for lifetime ( har !) passes, different access, military, handicapped etc.  A load of other new stuff, most of which says pay more to support the services offered.  Window decals for motorcycles, also might be handy for kayaks, small boats on federal waters.  They didn't mention that, I would plan to ask at biMart, and on fed. web site later about that.    

Might as well check out the new stuff now, and avoid the coming rush.  Nope, not good with link moving to sites !!   I will leave it to John Kohnen , who will most likely have the links posted soon on this issue.    

Every Year New Fees, stay well and get ready for next year.   Cal        With "not much Surprise" -- at new costs.