Good book


Happened on a book entitled: "A Fighting Chance", by John Ridgway and
Chay Blyth, J. B. Lippincott Co., Philadelphia, New York (1967).
It's about these two characters that rowed across the Atlantic in a
20' dory. They rowed from Cape Cod to Galway, Ireland in 90 days.
The dory is one foot longer than my dory. So plans for my wife and I
to row from Depoe Bay to Newport don't sound so hair raising after
all. Perhaps this could be the subject of a future messabout. It's
about a 14 mile trip.

A paragraph from the book:

"The waves were like mountains and bigger than any we had seen up
until now. Their tops were sliced flat by the wind, and they came
toward us frighteningly fast and with a noise like a plane on full
throttle. We learned to judge by their speed and sound which waves
would break into the boat and which would hit us smack on."