Depth finders for small craft


The easiest way I found is getting a e-Bay ice fishing depth finder.  I got mine in great condition from a guy who didn't want to freeze alone in the dark, on a cracking ice sheet anymore.  Geee! what a surprise, a Hummingbird brand, shipped from Michigan, not much use and has a case, sensor and everything.  Think I paid $50 to 60. bucks delivered --- before covid of course. 

Now I did change it to wired in, later, and I does everything I need.  The case used two 6 volt lantern batteries, some use d or c cells wired, but all are actually 12 volt,  So, you could just buy a regular one and build a 12 volt power supply, with the reading part on top, like a built in model.  I bought my H-bird, because I had one before and it worked great, depth alarm, shallow alarm, water temp on some, the stuff you need to know at a reasonable price, since it's older equipment.  

A great addition for safety, my opinion anyhow, ----  Cal           PS -------  Logs, rocks, and shallow water are really a map thing or local knowledge, sail in the deep part, row the shallows.  Earl showed me that last week end !!