Depth Finder install and test notes


Looked on line to try for better screen reading with less clutter. Short version, without ads and yuck !!  Due to prop rotation, mount the :puck" on the starboard rear quarter, and keep sensor lines away from other electrical lines.  Mount the puck exactly in line with the bottom, but out of any other attachments, transom welds, bolts, running strakes, and ALL protruding stuff produces wakes.  Preferably have a mount that is in smooth water which can be several inches behind the stern ( seldom done ) to avoid turbulence.  I use a fitted shield to smooth or slow down the flow past the transducer face,  to avoid setback grabbing weed. 

The angle of the puck is important, so first straightedge from the bottom length, STRAIGHT across the pucks face, full length..  Smooth is the way to avoid errors in signal and clutter, it is NOT often the head, its poor water flow past that sensor.  Right now I am doing tests, so until I get back in the water, this is from a couple web sites, and my own observations of possible ways to change, and avoid the clutter. Try to keep the motor power wiring away, on the other side from that sensitive depth finder wire, I'm still  #@$$ !!  doing stuff on my electric drive situation. 

Then, from a web site installer --- To trim it out first raise the aft end of the sensor by 3 mm to start. with, if you get interference, try 5 mm.  The angle of attack depends on you own boats Running Angle !!    A touch of aft end raise at normal cruise speed from dead level, on a rotary gauge or bubble gauge to set those inside and puck angles at Running Speed.   Usually at idle, it reads fine, the faster you go the more water flow plays a part in clean readings. 

Until I get the new unit I have on order, I have set the puck back by 1 1/4 in. to rotate it by 15 deg forward, whoa !!  MAYBE I can get clean readings that way too.  I might be able to see the bottom sooner, with the 15 deg. cone from the puck.  Just as likely, the bottom witl be tilted in some way  on the screen to make that not possible, then I start over and no big deal.  By that time I might have both on line, to check which works best, and accurately.

Mo' to "giddyy up on"  today, you have a good one too, ---  Porky Pig             PS, --- new universal Ram mounts for all boat camera, sound system, bike, and scooter finally in, systems approach to changable "stuff" locations.