Depoe Bay Wooden Boat Show Volunteers?


We've heard some good ideas for activities when the Depoe Bay Wooden Boat Show & Crab Feed returns. If the show is going to be a success we'll need volunteers to handle the different parts of putting on the show. The Chamber of Commerce volunteers will do most of the work of setting things up, but we need to provide the exhibitors, displays and activities.

So far we've got Elaine working to keep the interest up among past and potential exhibitors. If she likes that, she could maybe handle invitations when it comes time.

So, we need volunteers to handle the activities. Maybe one volunteer to be in charge of on-water activities, and another to be in charge of dry-land activities. The first person to volunteer for either of these duties gets dibs on delegating the hard work to other volunteers. <g>

We need someone to dress in a silly costume for the boat blessing. <g>

There may be other volunteer opportunities, as we think them up.

C'mon! The next show may be more than a year away, but if we start early we can make it a really good one.

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