Coot Thursday Lunches (was: Fern Ridge Charting, and Lunch Messabout?)


Sorry we missed each other, Josh.

Why don't we make a Thursday lunch a regular thing again? We used to meet at a restaurant around Corvallis/Albany/Lebanon, and I hope we can again someday, but in the meantime, while there's water in Fern Ridge let's try meeting at Richardson Park every Thursday. To make sure we don't miss each other, everybody be sure to be at there for lunch at 1:00.

That's not ideal for everyone, because of the park fee and a long drive from the mid-valley, but there is water to play in. <g> If someone has a different idea for a particular Thursday they can warn us in plenty of time to change our plans. Perhaps one of the Corvallis/Albany/Lebanon Coots can invite us occasionally for a Coot lunch at their place.

Whadja think?

On 5/13/2021 8:16 PM, Josh wrote:
We didn't see much going on so we pulled over to the swimming side and grabbed a table under the trees to watch the come and go.
Caught a mess of bluegill on the tenkara rod at Kirk park. Bluegill are one of the reasons we moved down here.
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We'd definitely be interested. A bit leary of committing because we like to be a bit spontaneous on the days work doesn't dictate everything, but Thursday is the day easiest for us to make.