Coastal Boat Test Jaunt in January (was: Yaquina River After Thanksgiving Float)


I think we've done the Yaquina enough for a while. Other coastal rivers of interest within easy range of Philomath are the Siuslaw, Alsea and Siletz. All have their charms. Just south of Florence is a nice lake, Siltcoos, that we haven't visited in a while. All the Valley reservoirs of interest are drained in the winter, and the mountain lakes suffer from the same problem as the lakes in Almostcanada.

An outing on the Siuslaw would probably begin at Florence, and when we get back, the launch ramp is close walking distance to the warm fleshpots of downtown. Overnight moorage is available.

An Alsea outing would probably begin and end in Waldport, and the ramp there is near some warm eating establishments. Waldport Jim would know about mooring.

The trouble with the Siletz is that the Walkabout friendly lower river isn't very close to civilization.

A Siltcoos Lake outing could include a stop in Florence for food and warmth on the way back.

Some map images:

Whether anyone joins you depends a lot on the weather. It can be very nice in the winter in Western Oregon, but most of the time it's wet and cold. <g>

The Video Messabout at Dennis's in Albany is gonna be the 25th of January. It'd be nice if you timed a trip from Almostcanada to include this warm and comfortable messabout. Whether a Coast messabout happens on a weekend or not doesn't matter to most of us.

The Beaver Creek messabout is January 11th. There isn't enough room for Walkabout on beaver Creek. <g>

Don't worry, I got your order for the 2020 Coot Calendar, with another one going to Montana.

On 12/1/2019 12:33 AM, Dan wrote:
Wow, my Coot calendar has nearly reached the last page, again.  Sure hope John got my order for a replacement.  Anyhow, I was just staring at January, and wondering.  Although, I may already have my answer. Nonetheless, the question goes like this:  If I was to propose an expedition out of Toledo, to someplace by water on the weekend of 18-19 January, would anybody show up?
We have a son in Philomath, and I have a boat that would like a seatrial about then.
John (@Jkohnen)
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Thanks, John.  I’ll keep a weather eye out, and keep you posted.  We’re getting snow as I speak…likely all my fault, huh?  Dan