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Looks like Bob is a bit better, since they've lowered the amount of oxygen they're giving him. The fight is far from over.

The covid is nasty! Take care of yourselves, and think of others.

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Hi, Family & friends,
He had several days of staying the same so didn’t do any updates. As of today: he’s still on the ventilator, oxygen is at 70%(has been as high as 90) they lower it during the day to 50% but has to be raised for the night. They want it at 40% Janice was told.
Changed his 2 Covid Meds just today to 2 different ones.
His blood pressure has been running low at 86/40, giving him Meds to get it up, & today it was 96/60, but they said it went UP to 75, assuming they were referring to the bottom # since that’s the only # that could go up; so not on the Meds now.
Has a sore in his mouth that was bleeding (Janice didn’t think to ask from what, going to tomorrow though). He’s still sedated to keep him calm, but will need to take him off of that pretty soon.
Craig saw him Sat.( one relative every 24 hrs allowed) Through a glass window, said he’s lost a lot of weight; nurse went in and gave Bob a message from Craig, that his son was there & whatever Craig had her tell him. Craig said they had given him another X-ray and there was a little less in his lungs.
Nurses thought he was doing a little better yesterday (Tues.) but not as well today. Janice thought maybe due to the change of Meds today.
Still not out of the woods, but sounds like he’s fitting.
He’s in the Lord’s hands & the Medical team; we just have to keep the many & sincere prayers from everyone coming.
This is a little lengthy, but wanted to cover as much as known at this point.
From Bob’s Family: we would like to Thank all of you too for your thoughts & Prayers for Bob to get well.
Will update if anything different is known.
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Jamie Orr

Thanks John.