Boat camera -- OOPS!!!


Looks like my package was a non essential item.  Cardboard box was crushed inside the outer envelope.  Screen damaged, picture out of alignment.  Contact seller for a refund, and is now packed for return.  waiting on the label and refund now.  Stuff happens, looked like a good unit if it was ok.  Bought on eBay, but shipped from China so long and harder shipping than from USA.  Will get back on the case after refund arrives, darn post office sometimes does a "dirty" and does not mention damage in a loose shipping envelope.   Couple things I found to look out for, so next one will have notes to the shipper written on the order, up front. 

PS ---   Amazon packs better, in some cases, also I pick my stuff from them in Town, at the local spot.  Saves days in delivery out here in the sticks !!  Worth the few bucks more for sensitive items.

Back to the drawing board,   Cal