Another hatch shot


Just looked at this building view,  the fore hatch has to lift up then out.  My front deck is curved too much to slide it under normally, and the hardware is set to pull up also, so the lip faces the wrong way, but it works fine.  Center hatch join is more normal.  Still gonna plane those high edges down a bit, someday.

Better deck view, see ya,   Cal

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Ken Preston

Thanks for the photos and explanation Cal, that's a mighty good looking deck!  For the time being I'm going to leave the whole 7' long hatch in one piece.  It might work out well enough, and will certainly be watertight in a rain storm. I've strung shock cord full length on both sides of the "lid" and have three hooks on the coaming each side.  Several variations on this theme:
1.  All six hooks engaged on their shock cord. . .lid is going nowhere at all.
2.  The forward  and aft pairs of hooks disengaged.  You wouldn't think, but then you can slide the whole thing forward until it comes to the stem head. . .enough to make a comfortable opening aft.
3.  All 3 hooks on one side disengaged.  Then the lid can be flipped over and hinges on the engaged hooks. . .settles down onto the side deck and would make a nice cooking and eating surface!  Really ugly, but what the heck.  Then you can run from one end of the boat to the other standing up, throwing lines, hanging fenders and so forth.   If the Bimini is set up the hatch rests against the forward strap on the side you're trying to lay it down on.  That would be dandy at the launch ramp, and if you want to cook, just unhook the one side and lay it down the rest of the way.
Looking forward to seeing some of you people this summer somewhere!