A Free Freezer for Grabs !! and NEW wire feed mig welder !!


It would have been big enough to ship a deer body, of moderate size, at 17 cu. ft., might have been good for a hunter or sportsman.   However, it's gone now, going to a good home, and that's the goal.  La Verne has the new one full all ready, no surprise there !!   I also got rid of a load of barn stuff, a double win for the new freezer owner.  He offered to be my new yard mowing guy next summer, so another win for both of us.

While i'm hunkered down here !!  My new wire feed welder should be coming next week, yea.  I have a gas welder, but it's older, heavier, gets work stuff too hot overall, and too big for quick work.  New one is a Forney 110v. and has great ratings on amazon.  New accounts get a super "first new account deal"  so I used that to get set up on the cheap.   Forney has been around for almost 100 years as a family business, great warranty, and Charlie has used them back in the day.   I had made my living doing jewelry repairs for 30 years in my stores in Cal. so should be pretty easy to get on board.  The welding table was made from a patio table with a broken glass top, cut down and re topped with fire brick and steel square tubing.  Several boat and trailer pieces to fabricate, also dreaming of an electric 3 wheeled "chopper" from bike parts at st. Vinnies. 

As we all stay careful with our contacts, keep ready for some sunny days, ---   Cal