A bit on varnishing at senior age -- also new home roof, so I cn boat again !!


Yesterday I did stain and varnish on all the trim mouldings for new panels that cover the roof tail ends.  Making a nice effect to match new roof shingles.  Last night I got reminded of age, the act of finishing the trim without a mask was enough to keep me up woth a hot shower, and asprin for an hour or so. The moral of course, is wear that paint mask, even if it looks stupid and seems too elderly --  in front of a roofing crew, another reminder to sensitivity of vapors. I still would have done this quarter mould trim though,  Every time we look out the window the solid oak stained and varnished trim ought to be cool looking with lighter home color under those covered and vented  eaves.

Now I can get back to that depth camera.  I was going to install it the other day.  Then I had a brilliant (maybe) idea.  I ordered a clear sapphire chrystal lens, ground flat.  I will inset that in the camera pod so I can remove the camers even while under way.  Then I can remove it, or replace the parts without having to tear into the pod itself.  Anybody can caulk it in, but then there is no good way to fix stuff or a safety if something goes wrong.  That lens is coming in soon, then we'll see ho,ho !!. 

However, the roofing crew was pretty spectacular in execution on the job.  My wife and I have both had some foundarion in construction, and these guys did every move right.  Excellent material choices, good roof prep and supplies delivered on time.  They also fixed some stuff, and removed an old unused chimney, so the roof looks better finished.  That and the new soffits will help get a higher price on our place, that's like money in the bank that can't be done easy, with a rushed sale schedule.  The first thing a buyer asks is how long will the roof last, and does it look weather tight.  Good to know we can point to details on a custom job -- done at a couple grand less than other  bids, without corner cutting, and a full warranty for a new owner later.

Gettin' Closer, Looking Better ---  Cal