Another Project near Molalla (was: Scandal)


I'm glad you finally got Scandal home, Dirt. I'm sure you'll give her a good home. :o) The smallest outboard with neutral and reverse you can find will be plenty for Scandal.

Is the big "skipjack" hull still at Kay's. Sure an interesting project, but a Big one. It's the 22-footer from Harry V. Sucher's boatbuilding book. A Big, fat, 22-footer. Pat bought it as a mostly completed plywood hull. Could be finished as a sailboat, even with a huge rig like a sandbagger! If you have a lot of muscular friends to shift ballast. <g> When sail gave way to gasoline, hulls like this made good displacement-speed motorboats. I think pat's boat could be made into a real nice power cruiser, if one had a big enough pickup to tow it around. It's on a trailer now, but, IIRC, it wasn't a very good one when Pat got the boat, and that was quite a while ago...

Kay's number is in the Coots' Contact List. I'll bet the skipjack could be had for a song.

On 5/1/2022 1:36 PM, Case wrote:
Well Scandal made the trip from middle of the woods Molalla/Colton over to the drier side of the state today.
Kay had a bunch of boat gear and more boats that need to migrate off the property. Oars, fuel tanks, other misc gear. There’s a hobos cat, a Folboat, and a really nice plywood kayak that Pat made from a folboat frame. If anyone needs something or is interested in any of the boats get ahold of Kay or her son Chad.
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David Graybeal

The skipjack is still there. Pat kept it well tarped, and the hull is in solid condition. Would make an excellent start for someone who wanted that size & sort of boat - sail or power.  I didn't look closely at the trailer, but Kay thought it was in good shape, iirc.