David Graybeal

Glad Scandal has a new home, and glad that trailer held up ok for the trip. The way the wheels looked, I wasn't sure it would be a sure thing.

Case Turner

Well Scandal made the trip from middle of the woods Molalla/Colton over to the drier side of the state today.

Kay had a bunch of boat gear and more boats that need to migrate off the property. Oars, fuel tanks, other misc gear. There’s a hobos cat, a Folboat, and a really nice plywood kayak that Pat made from a folboat frame. If anyone needs something or is interested in any of the boats get ahold of Kay or her son Chad.

I had a nice visit with Kay and the trip over the hill to Bend was uneventful. Scandal is tucked away with Orca and the kayaks as we wait for the high lakes to thaw out.

I am interested in a small newer outboard to put in Scandal at some point. I’d like something with reverse. Other wise not much else to do except a bit of clean up, new tires and check the bearings on the trailer.

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