Boat Shows


I attended the Toledo Boat Show meeting this morning. Not much to report yet...

Bud says there are extra propane heaters the Port can loan us for the Coots' tent at Depoe Bay. He also says he has a scarf he can loan Earl. <g>

They're gonna proceed as if the Toledo show will happen, one way or another.

The Yaquina Pacific Railroad Historical Society will be celebrating the 100th birthday of their steam locomotive "Old One Spot" during the Boat Show:

Bud, who's a member of the Coots Chapter of the TSCA now, will be applying for a partial sponsorship of the Toledo show from the National TSCA. If we get the sponsorship that'll probably require some outreach to the public, like a manned TSCA booth. We should be doing that anyway, for the TSCA and the Coots in general. I took a shift or two manning a combined booth for the Pocket Yachters, Puget Sound TSCA and the Coots at the Port Townsend Fest and it was fun. Basically, all you need to do is sit and talk to people.

It's not too early to sign up for both shows, in Depoe Bay and Toledo. I've made it easy, with fillable PDFs you can either email or print out and snail mail:

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