As another note, a good cover for boats at shows, or just in case !!


Along with the cockpit rain cover I can sit under, I looked at trailering covers.  Then I found a different sort of cover, useful for boat shows.  I dislike walking off for a cup of coffee, or lunch with La verne, but leaving the whole boat open to fiddling around hands, or prying Lookie Lou fingers without supervision.  Not to mention fog, salt spray, or general Oregon Coastal weather when folks want to look at what they came to see.

I bought a couple of 6 1/2 foot square heavy duty clear plastic tarps, with grommeted and heavy woven reinforced edges.  Not this HF covers, but amazon serious, but see through covers.  I think it will be $12.00 each and with free shipping, well spent.  With a simple center pole or two, I can cover the cockpit, and keep moisture down to a minimum.  That would seem prudent for an electric boat in any case, but for our open boats at the shows, or maybe hung over the open areas.  I plan to try adding one of those to my makeshift canvas cabin cover, in a way that could act as a windshield if needed.  That raises my cost to $ 70.00 for weather protection at shows.  A reasonable cost, and yes you do have to get the top and/or clear tarp to sorta fit your area to mimic a standard table size.  Not unsurmountable for most boats, and if it is totally off, amazon accepts returns. 

I plan to use the enclosed bungee/ball attachments on the primary cover, as shock or wind pressure relief areas.  Pretty tickled with yesterdays installation, maybe a couple more grommets,  If it were in a show, i'd put a couple towels to fill in the corners, as the bimini top isn't flat by any means,  The corners look a bit "droopy" but they still cover the cockpit, yea. 

Later,   Cal