Coot Memorial Gatjering at Toledo (was: Toledo Messabout, August 20-22nd)


I'll never forget Lon! :o) I first mentioned Coots we haven't given a sendoff yet, because of the Dread Virus. Here are some Coots who went to Fiddler's Green before the Pandemic:

Lon Wells ?-2020
Darrell Pepper 1934-2016
Jim Ballou ?-2014
Carolyn Bullard 1941-2012
Kate Wells ?-2008

I hope I didn't miss anyone. If so, I'm terribly sorry.

And those we didn't give a sendoff because the Covid screwed everything up:

Bob Mitsch 1940-2021
Pat Pateson ?-2019

On 6/9/2021 11:57 AM, Case wrote:
Don’t forget about Lon..
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