Minn Kota Prop Chat --- for Fern Ridge Event


if some others want to try some different props on their MK for a bit more push, trade for a bit more power usage, I may have an idea.  I have the Kipawa 3 blade prop, also a couple  larger stock 80 lb props modified to fit smaller motors, with shimmed shaft sleeves.  If you want to try one of these on your boat,  with your Minn Kota motor -- it saves me trying props on my boat, which has two big non removable pods hanging down. The props will be available for trying out, just ask.  I have been thinking of cutting one of my two larger props to try adjusting the power for better push, but I need more feedback from using altered bigger ones first.

A good way to see what works on your small craft, and check maneuvering and speeds with a cell phone app.  Not going over hull speed in any case, but feeling how the boat responds, more like turning, or stopping before you hit the dock at speed, or control in wind.   With an amp meter more can be done, but that is a different issue, as batteries sizes are a controlled variable, at the owners option  Smaller batts don't like to give up power as fast.  Let me know, so I can get with those coots who would like to try this.  I. like John K., and others like the Kipawas, but get curious about bigger two bladers, as they lay flatter for travel by car. 

Later,   Cal