Salish 100 Nest Year


We sure had a good time on the first Salish 100 last year. There wasn't one this year, of course, but they're gonna try again next year. I think it can be done in a responsible way, even if the Dread Virus is still causing trouble next summer.

Here's note from Marty:

"2021 SALISH 100 REGISTRATION ANNOUNCEMENT -- Members of the organizing team met recently to begin planning for next summer's Salish 100, which will begin Friday, July 9 in Olympia and end a week later in Port Townsend--100 nautical miles with a fleet of 100 small boats and about 20 additional support vessels.
Registration for the 2021 cruise will open on Monday, January 4.
There will be lots of details to share between now and the start of registration, including Covid-related changes we might need to make; how we'll deal with skippers who registered for this year's cancelled Salish 100 (and left their registration fees in place with organizers); and information we'll need from everyone who registers for next July's cruise.

"So...please stay tuned; we'll have more updates in coming days and weeks, including notes from cruise boss Daniel Evans of the Northwest Maritime Center, official organizer of the S-100."

"Marty Loken"

If you paid the fee for this year's S-100 and haven't heard from Them, get ahold of Karen and tell her whether you want a refund, to apply the fee to next year (you're already OKed for the trip if you do), or to donate the fee to the NW maritime Center:

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