More power and run time last trip


Charlie and I were pleased last run at Dexter., on Tuesday  The new wiring with a battery 4 pack did over 2 full hours at some "hot rod" settings with 2 coots weight, and still able to give more, but our butts got tired.  The pack tested average of 50% still available, just more throttle needed about the time we landed.  So, the new wiring was successful, and never even used the #2 pack.  The figures I got were correct, the series/ parallel combo. diagram I used did make everything better.  There are several ways to make it work with balanced batts., one more I might try later.   However all batteries tested as expected from working as a foursome for the first time, I am repositioning them to be a more even setup, as recommended by the Interstate battery service mgr, this morning, balancing over time by good placement in the pack with my wiring setup.

Just a note, no Surprise on this result ----   Cal