Depth Video Camera -- Second try !! then the Third Battery pack !!


I just found and ordered a new video camera ( couple weeks to delivery ) to replace the one I buggered up last time.  I think I know what might work better now.  Will take a while to get here, and of course has to be seen before any real info. on it.  The MFG. specs call for not only 8 LED lights forward, but a second lit screen camera at 90 degrees down, when mounted will extend the viewing from forward to about 1/3 of the boat length at hopeful boat docking depth.  This should catch a longer picture of the bottom in shallow water.  A split screen puts a better picture on one screen, might be a bit more to learn, but show more structure down there.  Not sure of range, but as John pointed out that depends on water clarity per day and location. 

Nope, will not be able to remove it without unsealing from the housing down there, but a double boat length view should be worth the extra bucks to get that extra range, if it works as expected.  The first (now dead) one did well  both taped to the bottom in the yard, and dropped in my fish pond,  Now a real mounting, in a real boat may affect this, but has to be better than the other two that had mounting, or stupidity problems.  There is also a model that transmits to a cell phone screen wirelessly, pretty slick.  However, using cell phone time, with added music, or gps mode, sent to to my wireless stereo is asking a lot, -- not to mention that a cell signal might be required on the lake.

I just fabricated a way to add a third 2 batt. battery pack, just behind the seats, removable boxes braced one each side, across the hull sides, packing the Plug in-- adding on two batteries.  Should have the lighter main pack, the back up pack, then still be able to plug in the third one for solo runs where I need more range.  That should about do the power section!!  All deep cycles are replaceable at reasonable cost locally, no rewiring needed.

The plot thickens, Again ---  Later Coots,  Cal