Thanks Coots, getting started on "stuff" -- My doctors sail boat for Sale now


Yep, tons of fun with battery loads -- Then there is the prop dept. as well.  I use the Kipawas for power, but I could switch back to stock 2 bladers, which stop horizontally with those controls built in.  That reduces prop draft by around 5 inches, when stopped.  So, nope the props do not rotate when shut off.  When running the Kipawas produce MORE thrust at slightly LESS amps than stock 2 bladers., blade loading probably.  The low speeds are enough more efficient for casual lake trips, easy sailing speed range saves amps.

When I get it back --  Myles has my 50 lp Minn Kota -- I'm hoping that the sleeve will allow me to use 80 lb props on it, still more to be done.  That also fits Surprise, which has a covered well for a gassie if needed.  So much fun, and summer hauls on faster than I hoped, -- again !!

John and I worked out a good back up pack plug in situation, so I will have two packs total.  Usually two batts each inside, but able to plug in two more outside the seat box on #1 circuit for longer runs.  Easy to do, but adds the 120 lb., so not needed for shorter trips, or two coots.  Also the new genset fuses & plugs are coming, then will automatically have that option to compare, but that  small gen. may not provide as much charge as needed to keep all fully charged, darn it !!   

We'll "get er done" hopefully soon.  Knee is getting way better, by next week should be fine, as I age I like my chiropractor more and more.  Oh, he is selling his sailboat,  Minn Kota motor, with everything working, and newly redone trailer.  He's sending me some sifo., so I can list it with coots.  I guess a coot would want to see it anyhow.   Price is pretty immaterial until looked over, but it's ready to sail now.  He is a pretty particular guy as a doctor, so might be worth looking at in place, as photos rarely show a boats condition very well. 

Gotta go, wiring calls with a zap !! ----  cal